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As a commuter using the Chicago Metra trains frequently, I often found myself confused and frustrated with Metra's current web site and ultimately wasting time because of it. On, whether a train line originates from Union Station or Ogilvie Station is seldom clear until after clicking through multiple links. Also, the train line that I look for is often difficult to find the first time due to the site's graphic heavy design, especially on the main page. Further messing up the works is a redundancy of information that should be condensed and easily accessed from one place.

It's my hope that this reorganization of information will help Chicago Metra travelers find information about trains faster and easier, just as it has been a help to me.

Update 11/14/09: On September 9, 2009, Metra thankfully updated their web site and it is considerably better. The mission of this site, however, is still to improve on that organization in any way possible and help organize and promote connections among the great community of Metra riders. is not affiliated with Metra or the Regional Transportation Authority | Privacy Policy © 2018
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